zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Just some pic's!

A short blog post today. I'll just post some photos of today:
 Isabelline Wheatear, female. Ringing tick!
 Little Bittern, female.
European Nightjar, female. We ringed one yesterday evening. What a cool bird! After seeing one hunting near the swallow nets at dusk, we caught one just a little bit later.
Explosive raptor migration this afternoon! Many buzzards and kites, and also an Egyptian Vulture and some Steppe Eagles.
 Olive-backed Pipit, another individual than yesterday.
 Roni and the Pied Wheatear.
Wryneck in the Date Palms.

At the North Beach one of the Brown Booby's was still present and when we drove back from the North Beach to the IBRCE we suddenly saw a raptor coming from the north. First impression: Osprey. Second impression: Bonelli's Eagle. Third impression and final answer: Crested Honey Buzzard! A different individual than the dark female bird of the Northern Date Palms. An adult male Crested Honey Buzzard passed by, quite closeby. And just this little trip out I decide not to take my camera with me.. always happens like this!

Edit: today during the ringing Christian and I had a great lifer: 2 Desert Finches flew by and stopped by to drink and gave great views. One of my species on the wishlist! 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Fabian,

    Thanks for the info about the Olive-backed Pipit! After finding 'your' individual, a second one arrived from the northeastern part of the Northern Date Palms. Probably the individual you have seen at 30th of March. Have you already found the Hooded Wheatear at Shlomo Valley?
    Good luck with ringing!

    Best regards,

    Sander Elzerman

  2. Hi Sander!

    Thanks for your comment. Good that you saw the Olive-backeds.

    We didn't see the Hooded Wheatear near the Camel Ranch but we found one yesterday near Qtura, a pretty male!


  3. Nice pictures I see that you likes birds so I hope you was also in Agamon Hula This days are there thousands of birds