vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Guests from France and Denmark

The Lesser Whitethroat bonanza kept on going and with this many curruca's a foreign retrap is almost inevitable. And thus, this was proved! Yotam kept telling us: check both legs, check both legs! And as we were ringing all the curruca's I pulled a curruca out of the bag, with a worn ring on the left leg: Paris! Not much later Roni came back with more news: he just got a Lesser Whitethroat out of the net carrying a Danish ring! Having foreign retraps in Israel is already pretty rare, let alone two on one day! The recovery of the Lesser Whitethroat with the French ring was a first for Israel, pretty cool.
This is where we sleep, the iglo!

The morning hours were really busy with birds, after that it slowed down a bit but we still had good birds. 450 birds were caught today! 

In the afternoon we did some trap fixing, since Heligoland trap 5 was severly broken by the strong winds in February. We started with re-making the cage again, hopefully we can repair the Heligoland trap soon, so we can catch birds with it again! 

Below a couple of pictures from today, be prepared!

 Cyprus Warbler (Sylvia melanothorax), 2cy male, just beautiful!
Balkan Wagtail (Motacilla flava feldgegg), probable adult male
 Crag Martin (Ptynonoprogne rupestris), a species seldomly ringed here at the IBRCE! It was both a ringing tick for Yotam and Yael. 
 Balkan Warbler (Phylloscopus orientalis)
Eastern Black-eared Wheater (Oenanthe melanoleuca), female

Daily total:

Balkan Wagtail 1 -
Balkan Warbler 4 - 1
Barn Swallow 28 -
Blackcap 27 -
Bluethroat - 1 
Chiffchaff 8 - 7
Common Whitethroat 26 - 1
Crag Martin 1 -
Cretzchsmar's Bunting 1 -
Cyprus Warbler 1 -
Eastern Black-eared Wheatear 2 -
Eastern Oliveceous Warbler 3 - 
Eastern Orphean Warbler 21 - 2
House Martin 51 -
House Sparrow 4 - 2
Lesser Whitethroat 185 - 19
Menetries's Warbler - 1
Quail 1 - 1
Red-rumped Swallow 25 - 2
Redstart 5 -
Reed Warbler 2 -
Sardinian Warbler - 1
Savi's Warbler 1 -
Sedge Warbler 1 - 1
Silverbill 1 -
Spanish Sparrow 2 - 1
White-spectacled Bulbul 1 - 1
Woodchat Shrike 1 -

Total 410 - 42 (including foreign recaptures) = 452!

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