zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Dry and succesfull morning at Sacher Park!

We saw three Porcupines this afternoon around 17.30 at the JBO hide. What an amazing creatures!!!

For this morning Christian and I hade made the plan to go to the Sacher Park again and do some hardcore birding. No sooner said than done. Around 8.15 we arrived at the Sacher Park, where we found a Syrian Woodpecker close to the crossroad. It turned out they were pretty common now (without the rain), with over 9 birds seen in the park. Some of them were ringed. We walked to the JBO hide again, but didn't see too much there, just the ordinary birds. Two Hawfinches were a pleasant welcome however. A bit later we suddenly heard a Jay freaking out like hell, in small tree. A quick look with our binoculars: Scops Owl! We could approach it from closeby. It didn't seem to care a lot about the Jay, eventhough the Jay was screaming loudly in its ears. It just turned its head and blinked its eyes. Palestine Sunbirds were really active this morning, with very confiding males! On a few occasions I was able to photograph those from really closeby, something I didn't succeed during my last trip to Israel. We passed the road to the northern part of Sacher Park where we came across a Chiffchaff with a very distinctive supercilium, a bit tristis-like. By the way: yesterday we had a Chiffchaff calling as a tristis at the Sacher Park, but the features of the bird looked just looked like the nominate collybita. It was ringed, so maybe the guys from the JBO know more! Here, we came across our first Eastern Orphean Warbler as well, a lifer for Christian. Christian is doing well with 8 lifers already (in contrast to my single one).

Sacher Park
One of the 9 Syrian Woodpeckers this morning.
The annoyed Scops Owl!
The Watership Down!
Pretty, pretty, pretty...
And the Eastern Orphean Warbler

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