zondag 18 maart 2012

It's my birdday

Yes this young bird ringer has become 19 years old! This is probably the first time I celebrate my birthday abroad, it feels a bit weird not celebrating it at home, but something different is always welcome:) I don't really have the 'birthday' feeling, but that doesn't matter since bird ringing on your birthday is something every ringer can only dream of!

For this day we discussed certain species we wanted to catch for my birthday, but none of these wishes were fullfilled, maybe I will get an after-birthday species! No new species for me were ringed but we had another amazing day with many birds around. We had Scops Owl, two Cyprus Warblers, 14 Cretzchsmar's Buntings, Little Crake and Blackcaps were the main bulk species of today with 93 ringed. The day's total was 254 new and 53 recaps. Steppe Buzzard migration picked up with a few thousands passing by over Eilat mountains today and over a thousand over the IBRCE.

In the afternoon the Northern Date Palm plantations were visited with Cyprus Wheatear and loads of other cool birds around being observed. We weren't able to relocate the reported Olive-backed Pipit but we did find several Tree Pipits with one having a call really similar to Olive-backed, but this bird turned out to be just a Tree Pipit. I might post pictures of this bird later. At the North Beach we saw the two Brown Boobies and the usual (nothing) stuff there.

In the evening we went to Eilat and ate some nice shoarma, and afterwards, Yotam, Christian, Roni and I went to Pinilek/ Pickilecks, Pinicilli's or whatever you want to call it to have some of the best icecreams here in Eilat. Too bad that the hot girl was not behind the bar...

 Whoooooo are you???
Don't think the bird posed like this all the time, I managed to get one shot before the bird continued enjoying pinching my fingers!
This first summer Cyprus Wheatear was a really 'posy' individual and allowed me to come really close.
Flight shot of the Wheatear.
It's good to know we're being protected all the time, even while bird watching at the North Beach!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd Fabian!

    Groeten uit Engeland,


  2. Hi Fabian,

    First of all - happy birthday!

    for the wheatear - I am almost sure it's Pied and not cyprus Pied. I can't remember ever seen a 1st winte male cyprus in spring which appears as 1st winter Pied. All the male Cyprus in spring looks really nice, with Black or blackih upperparts, and quite orangy breast or upper breast. This bird, beside still appearing brown, with many pale fringes to coverts and scapulars, has rusty colour only at breast sides. Appart from that - proprtions it appears small headed and well proportioned all together much more like Pied wheatears.

    Wotrth to recheck this

    Best and congrate!

  3. Hi Barak,

    Thanks for your feedback. Luckily I got flight shots of this bird. In the field we noticed that the white did not extend that far on the rump. The tail pattern however, made us think of Pied. Also, we noticed that the p10 was of the same length as the PC's, but we didn't pay too much attention to it. Anyway, we were pretty busy yesterday evening so I only had the time to check the flight photos until now...

    Here is the flight shot:


  4. Hi Fabian,

    I would use care when putting my coins on white rump length in 1st summer birds. Hadoram clearly mention this in his Macmillan birder's guide from 1996. As you said - the tail pattern fits better Pied with outer black shorter than half-length of the tail. If you have time, try to catch it (if it's still there).